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Ashley started Horror Chicks with friends Marcy and Sara back in 2012 at the age of 22. It was just what they called their “clique” at the haunted house they worked for (Spooky Ranch). Soon after some of the other amazing women from their haunt took an interest in the group. She got a few shirts made with the mascot she designed and sold about 20 shirts. She then made the Horror Chicks page to share all things related to Women, Horror, and Haunted Houses. Once the page was made Horror Chicks grew some more and they began to have a following. Which continues to grow thanks to the amazing ladies in the Horror community.

Ashley then decided to take a small break from Horror Chicks in 2013 when she got into a relationship with an ex. She was helping him to build his brand for his production company so she put Horror Chicks on the back burner. When her and her ex broke up in 2015 she began working on Horror Chicks full time again. When Horror Chicks wasn't expanding like she wanted it to, she was ready to give up on it. So, Ashley figured she would try one more thing. She decided to plan a photoshoot for the current members. With a few calls and alot of talking, Ashley got her first break, Brodie from Bloodview Haunted House. He offered their haunt to Ashley and the Horror Chicks to use for the photo shoot, as well as their costumes and makeup team. And the rest is history.

They have since blew up to be where they are today. With over 160 amazing women from all over the country from different backgrounds but with the same common interest, Horror. Also on top of that, they are now sponsoring new paranormal investigating show Haunted Tours. Ashley built a company for women in the Horror and Haunt industry to have a safe place to express themselves and their creativity. To band together in a male-dominated industry.

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