2017 Haunt Reviews


First off, this haunt is CASH ONLY $18 is the admission price. If you don’t have cash on you it is a 15-minute drive to the nearest ATM. Parking is limited front yard with no real indications on where to park. The lady at the ticket booth wasn’t very helpful and was slightly rude. There are no public bathrooms at this haunt so go before you get there or it’s a 15-minute drive to the nearest bathroom. They do have concessions but they were not open when the haunt opens. From their menu, they had limited items but prices ranged from $0.75 - $4.00. The haunt says they open at 8:30pm doesn’t start letting people in until 9:00pm.

The wait to get into the haunt was way too long we waited half an hour after the group ahead of us went in. But they did have a screen up showing horror movies but had no que line actors interacting with us. They then wanted to combine our group with the group behind us because they were running behind for a large group that was coming. We insisted we go in on our own which after a few mins they agreed to.

The spooky girl in the woods with the lantern was nice, but we saw too little of her. They should have had you following her though out the whole haunt. The maze was a letdown once you realized nothing was in there with you nor any jump scares waiting for you. The actors weren’t as active as they should be, was very lackluster. “The shows” were an off brand of what the Haunted Hoochie does. Meaning they had the same idea and it looked like they tried their hand at it, but they didn’t have the stage presence to pull it off. The sodomy was cool but it didn’t scare us. In one scene, we weren’t sure if the show was still going on or if we should have left. The had an over exposure to chainsaws which didn’t scare us just kind of annoyed us.

We were impressed with this haunt due to the fact it was their second night open and that they were a home haunt. But they should have been more organized it wasn’t their first season being open.

Due to all that was stated we rate this haunt

3 Spiders

Bloodview Haunted House

$20 admission price CASH OR CARD

There are restrooms onsite (porta potties). They also have a concession stand for drinks and food as well as picnic tables for you to sit at.

First, I was to acknowledge that Bloodview Haunted House is the only charity haunt. Meaning that they donate all their proceeds to charities locally, nationally, and internationally. Bloodview is presented by Broadview Hts Lions club and is build and staffed by the Legion of Terror.

Blooodview is actually very easy to find when locating the haunted house. They have a parking lot that has staff directing you into a parking space. Which is easy and convenient. The walk from your car to the ticket booth is very short. The entertainment starts as soon as you park your car. You are greeted by “monsters” at your vehicle who have very entertaining commentary. There truly isn’t a dull moment at this haunted attraction.

For the brief time you are in line waiting to enter you have the entertainment of que line actors that keeps the patrons engaged and having a good time. Even if you had a long wait time you wouldn’t notice nor mind with the que line actors.

Once you enter the haunted house you are welcomed with amazing set designs. The woods were by far my favorite part of the haunted house, there was good interaction with customers. The makeup was phenomenal. Costumes were fitting for the set that the actors were in. Though the woods was my favorite part of the haunt I felt they could use a few more actors. The asylum was very loud but considering it was an asylum it was to be expected. Some of the actors’ lines were very comical. You didn’t run into the group ahead of you nor did the group behind you catch up with you. If you were to get close the group ahead of you the actors kept you engaged long enough to get enough space between the groups so not to ruin the scares for you. Unless you truly pay attention, you wouldn’t realize that that’s what the actor is doing.

With taking everything above into consideration and that it was their opening weekend we rate Bloodview Haunted House

4 Spiders

Lessons In Fear
155 W 3RD ST

$18 admission price CASH AND CARD

There are restrooms onsite (porta potties)

They do have a gift shop at the end which is CASH ONLY

Getting to this haunt can be tricky there are a lot of sharp turns, hills and dips I suggest you take your time getting this haunt. The parking is yard parking they do have staff directing you into a parking spot. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They have light up sign with their name perfect for photo opportunities. You walk through a mini haunted house to get to the main haunted house which was amazing! They had old horror movies playing on a projection screen for you to watch while waiting in line. The actors in the mini haunted house was very entertaining and got me one time. (Yes, I jumped)

They had great set designs. They didn’t just us main stream props that a lot of haunted houses do, a lot was handmade which I can appreciate. Not only did it appeal to you visually but also by smell. They had scents for some scenes that just worked. For example, there was an artist studio and right before you enter the room you smell fresh paint. They needed more actors there were times where you didn’t see an actor in any sets. Though lacking actors, the actors that were there went far and beyond their call of duty. They met you at different scenes.

When we exited the haunted house we hung out for a bit witnessed and actor chasing a group of girls all the way to their vehicle. Even followed their car to the end of the driveway and started walking up the road like he was following them. He then proceeded to stay on the side of the road doing bunny hops and interacting with the cars that were passing by. If that isn’t actor dedication I don’t know what is.

We will be back later in the season to see if things have changed to get them higher rating (they could be 5/5 if they have more actors), but taking everything stated above into consideration and that it was their opening night we rate Lessons In Fear

3 Spiders

Haunted Hoochie Dead Acres

Admission price $25 or general admission $45 for VIP admission CASH AND CARD (we suggest the VIP)

Parking is field parking and $3 per vehicle if paying cash $3.50 if you’re paying with a credit/debit card.

Restrooms onsite (porta potties)

There is a concession stand and a gift shop

First of be prepared to wait for a few hours to even get into the haunted house. But they do provide entertainment while you wait with movies on a jumbo screen, a go-go dancer in a cage, music entertainment on the stage and of course the roaming actors. We do suggest you get the VIP ticket it’s a shorter line wait. DO NOT come to this haunt if you easily offended. Some of their scenes push the limits of what’s acceptable but that’s one of the main appeals to the Haunted Hoochie. We do not recommend for children or young teens. Expect to be touched, cursing, and to be disturbed.

The scene actors are high energy and get you pumped up for what your about to see in the haunt itself. The sets and scenes all in its self is amazing. The animatronics alone will amaze you. Unfortunately for us the actors that weren’t in key scenes were unoriginal with their dialog we heard a lot of “get out”, “you’re going to die in herw”, “boo”, “get the f**k out” and so on. The clown house was fun to look at and had barely any actors inside. To be honest the clown house was a letdown.

We will return later in the season and re-evaluate our rating. Considering it was their opening weekend and everything stated about we rate the Haunted Hoochie

2 Spiders

19066 E RIVER RD

Admission is Cash or Card

Package 1 includes all the haunts $25 for ages 11 & older $15 for ages 10 & under.
Package 2 includes Monster vision in 3D , the hayride and haunted barn. $20 for ages 11 & older $15 for ages 10 & under.
VIP $35 for 11 & older $25 10 & under.

There are restrooms on site (porta potties) They also have concessions, a Halloween store, and a novelty stand.

Parking is a field but has parking attendants to guide you to a parking spot.

We suggest you wear good shoes there is a lot of gravel. The ticket booth easy to notice and has two windows for admission tickets and a separate window for VIP tickets and online tickets. The staff are all extremely friendly.

First, we went into Monsters in 3D which is a 3D clown house. The art work inside was amazing, though lacking in actors the actors they did have did an amazing job. Especially the clown by the bridge. If they had more actors this part of the haunt would have been even better.

From there we went to Extreme Nightmares. Sets were very detailed. You walked through a home that was tormented by Bloody Mary. Again, some scenes were missing actors but the actors there made up for it. They have court yard that will blow your mind. Just be careful if you go when it is raining is can be slippery.

The Bloodslingers Saloon was another one of their haunts that is what it sounds like saloon and barn like scenes. All detailed wonderfully. The actors never missed a que and got scares in my group.

Now there’s the Haunted Hayride and Haunted Barn that I think is the best part of this haunted attraction. You and thirty other people are boarded onto a trailer full of hay. The tractor then proceeds to take you into the woods. The actors interact with the people on the tractor and have fun with you. How they got a tractor up a tree I’ll never know. They have flames shooting feet into the air from metal barrels. A hanging scene that will make your heart jump to your throat. The barn is a show all in its own with animatronics that you would expect to see at Disney.

With all that is stated above we rate this haunt:

4 Spiders

Hauntville Haunted House

Parking is a cemented parking lot

There are restrooms inside the haunt.

Admission $20 for only the four haunted houses $24 for the haunted houses and the unknown haunted attraction and $35 for VIP Fast Pass

I will always suggest VIP because I personally hate waiting in lines.

Where to start with this haunt. This place will truly blow your mind from the set designs to the actors. You will have an amazing time at this haunt. The unknown is a blackout maze where you don’t know what’s coming next. You have relay on your other senses to get you through. Next was Cell Block 13 which takes you through a prison that has been taken over by prisoners. My favorite part in Cell Block 13 is the opened room that is full of fog and you have to find the exit. Don’t be deceive there are “monster” lurking in the fog to catch you off guard. From Cell Block 13 you enter Psycho Manor which is a haunted home of a town mortician. The doll room is extremely creepy. Then we get the best part of Hauntville Wicked Clowns in 4D. Yes in 4D! Not only is the walls popping out at you with the 3D glasses but you’re also welcomed with different scents. There is a room that tilts and another that spins. I’ve never seen a better clown house before. The actors were all phenomenal.

With everything stated above we rate Hauntville haunted house:

5 Spiders


General Admission is $22, Fast Pass is $27 Skip the line is $37 and they accept CASH OR CARD

We suggest you purchase your tickets online and to do the fast pass. This is a very popular haunt that has lines down the walkway to get inside to purchase tickets not mention the line to wait to get inside the haunt once you purchase your tickets.

They do have rest rooms on site (porta potties)

They also have a gift shop with refreshments.

The que line actors are amazing keeping you engaged with the costumers waiting in the line. Once you enter the haunt you enter a hospital where you are welcomed by a nurse. The scene details were out of this world you truly feel as if you’re walking through a decaying hospital. All the actors were top notice only a couple used the cliché “Get Out” I was impressed with them. I also liked that to get to new scenes you had to find the door that leads to the new scene. It was like you’re truly walking through a hospital. Once you excite you go straight in line for the 3D clown house. There are floors that move on you. The house is very visual you’re just not sure where to look first. There is spider room that just makes your skin crawl. They could have used a few more actors inside the clown house. But overall the actors did a wonderful job.

With everything said above we rate ScareATorium:

4 Spiders

Carnage Haunted House

Admission is $20 per person or $35 per person for a speed pass ($27 if you purchase speed pass online).

There are restrooms onsite (porta potties)

There is limited parking lot parking with parking attendants

They do have a gift shop at the end.

First, I want to start off with that I was very impressed with this haunted attraction. This is their first season being open. When you first enter the haunt you are welcomed by an actress that tells you the rules of the haunted house and that there are horror movie Easter eggs throughout the haunted attraction. She then lets you in fog filled room where you have to find the exit. I wasn’t impressed with it for the first scene sets the mood of the haunted attraction in my opinion. As we continued to go through I was pleasantly surprised. The sets were well detailed and as I looked around I found four of the fifteen Easter eggs. And might I add its not what you think. It was absolutely brilliant how they did this. I don’t want to giveaway too many details to ruin the fun for those reading this review so I’m leaving it at that. The actors could use a little more work but overall, they were pretty good.

With taking everything above into consideration we rate Carnage Haunted House:

3 Spiders

Haunted Hoorah

Admission is $20, Extreme Experience (18 and older) is $35. They accept CASH AND CARD

They do have restrooms onsite (porta potties)

Parking lot parking with parking attendants

Where to start with the Haunted Hoorah. I think you can guess by the name this haunt is military themed. So be ready to do some exercise if you do the extreme package or not. They have you go through a screening process to be admitted into the holding chamber where you are given rules to follow before your escorted to a bus if you’re doing the regular tour. If you’re doing the extreme tour your taken to a military truck where you have a bag put over your head while being taken to the location of the haunt. The bus is completely blacked out you can’t see out of the windows. I did the regular tour so I’ll tell you about that experience. They take you through a process of you getting clearance from the zombie virus. You are go through a hospital where a doctor is playing with the insides of fully awake and alert young lady. Be ready you may get splashed with some blood!

The sets are truly amazing they transport you into a military base trying to whine out the effected. The actors are all truly amazing! I was very impressed with this haunt from start to finish. I just can’t put into words how phenomenal this haunt is. If you can’t handle sliding down dark holes, crawling into an incinerator, get sparked by walls or anything at fast pace this haunt is not for you! Keep in mind you will also end up separated from your original group and will end up alone. It’s absolutely brilliant how they separate you.
With everything stated above we rate Haunted Hoorah:

5 Spiders

The Trails of Tormented Terror
1700 Dryer Rd
Grove City, Ohio

Admission $15 CASH AND CARD

They have onsite restrooms (Indoors)

Has concessions

Parking is a paved parking lot limited parking.

(We went on their opening night)

First there isn’t really any real signage about the haunted trail besides a banner in the front that isn’t lite very well. There is slight confusion on where to go since there is no signs pointing you in a direction. They need something on the front doors so you know where to go. But luckily there was staff outside to help guide you. Once inside to purchase tickets again no signs about the haunted attraction. You to a register where you purchase your tickets where they have you sign a waiver. Which is odd to me since it’s not a full contact haunted attraction and that’s the only place I’ve had to sign a waiver for. But I get it covering their bases. Once you sign your waiver you are directed to go out the door you came in and go to the left.

Again, this where they need signs! You’re walking along a sidewalk to the side of the building, if it wasn’t for the lady lurking around the corner of the building you would assume you were going in the wrong direction. She takes your ticket and tells you to follow the path and stay left of the red lights. You walk along the path and have no further interaction with an actor until get past the red lights. (Which by now could have changed)

I don’t want to give too much of the attraction away with specific details, that would just ruin the fun for you. The sets were very well put together. The lighting along the path was just enough for you get through it safely, but also dark enough you won’t see someone sneaking up on you for a scare. The path takes you into the woods and through a field. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes you’re in for a little hike. They could have used a few more actors long the path, but overall, I was impressed with their actors. Loved that they also included children! The children made amazing zombies and honestly, they stood out the most to me. There is the section where you walk around the corner and you see this green light, and within the light you see a hoard of zombies stumbling toward you. It was the most amazing thing visually I have seen in a long time at a haunted attraction.

Another part of the trail I enjoyed was surprising the clowns. I’ve been through many clown houses and seen many clown scenes that I wasn’t impressed with quite frankly they bored me. But here you have huge barrels kicked at you. A clown running full force toward you and jumping over one of the barrels to get to you. Not only were the actors phenomenal in this part so was the scene. It was visually appealing and kept me entertained the whole time. I would like to see the clown section extended.

There is one part of the haunt where there are two directions one is blocked off with rope. I think they should place tarp over it like the rest of walls to avoid confusion and due to it not being blocked off you can see into the next scene. Blocking it off would continue the sense of mystery when walking the trail.

Once you finish walking through the trail there is again lack of signage to indicate where to go. I think they should extend the path closer the actual exit or at least put up a roped path so customers won’t have any question on to where to go.

The make-up was very well done. Not one actor looked the same which is a task all in its own and takes a lot of talent and skill! Costuming was also very well done. I didn’t notice any characters out of place. For example, you didn’t have a clown in the slaughter house.

With taking everything stated above into consideration and that they had 6 WEEKS to set everything up (a few tweaks and they’ll be a 5 out of 5 in no time) we rate The Trails Of Tormented Terror:

3 Spiders

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